1 October 2019

Delhi India

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Mahatma Awards - Winning Organizations:

and The Secret to Their Success....

The strategies, tactics and behaviors that contribute to the success of high-performing corporations with sustainable and responsible business practices and social impact organizations are not really a secret. In fact, they fall into fairly predictable categories, such as communication, cooperation, collaboration, engagement, accountability and social responsibility.

The secret lies in making the strategies, tactics and behaviors stick by integrating them so thoroughly into the culture of the organization that they become part of its fabric while

working towards planet, its resources and people.

The annual Mahatma Awards are given to individuals from different organizations from corporations to foundations, nonprofits, ngos and to charities from around the globe in acknowledgement of their impactful work within these organizations and otherwise.‚Äč

Please find below the list of some of the organizations, where from the awardees are selected:


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